TC Electronic Debuts RH750 Bass Amp

TC Electronic has announced their newest compact bass head, the RH750. Sporting several features of TC’s RH450 model (see our review), the RH750 offers a boost in power (750 watts, 1200 watts peak) and a new TweeterTone control. TweeterTone offers what TC dubs as “intelligent HF control”, allowing the player a wider range of sound control, from modern- and vintage-style tones.

TC Electronic RH750 (front)

Like the RH450, the RH750 offers per string, multi-band compression via the SpectraComp control. This technology is designed to even out compression across all strings, regardless of playing style. TubeTone, another RH450 feature, offers TC’s solution to replicating tube sound, using a full preamp and power amp.

TC Electronic RH750 (back)The amp also comes with three on-board presets for keeping your tones handy, a built-in chromatic tuner, integrated DI and AES/EBU Digital recording out.

The MSRP for the RH750 is $1,395. Street prices were not available at the time of this story. For more, visit TC Electronic’s website.

RH750 Specs:

  • Power – 750 watts
  • TweeterTone – Front panel tweeter level control for crisp and modern bass tones
  • Presets – 3 user-defined presets
  • On-board chromatic tuner – Always active for instant pitch monitoring at any time
  • SpectraComp – Multi-band compression – the musical way to compress
  • TubeTone – Emulation of both the tube preamp and tube power amp sections.
  • 4-band EQ – Semi-parametric Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble.
  • Transformer balanced Line Driver – Studio-grade DI for ultra-clean signals to PAs or DAWs.

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