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George Porter, Jr. Featured on Warren Haynes’ Man in Motion

Warren Haynes: Man in MotionGov’t Mule frontman Warren Haynes has released a new soulful solo album, Man in Motion. For the project, Haynes explains he made a “wishlist” of band members, including the Meters’ George Porter Jr. on bass. The legendary New Orleans bassist’s groove permeates the album’s 10 soul-laden tracks, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the group.

Besides the Meters and Warren Haynes, Porter has worked with artists including Dr. John, Paul McCartney, Patti Labelle, Tori Amos, and Bill Kreutzmann. He also has his own band called the Runnin’ Pardners.

Preview and download Man in Motion:

Man in Motion Track List:

  1. Man in Motion
  2. River’s Gonna Rise
  3. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
  4. Sick of My Shadow
  5. Your Wildest Dreams
  6. On A Real Lonely Night
  7. Hattiesburg Hustle
  8. A Friend To You
  9. Take a Bullet
  10. Save Me

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Henrik Bjørn Rasmussen

Henrik Bjørn Rasmussen

Live in studio! Flesh and blood. I like this thinking! Great work. Great music from the heart!