Paul Simonon: P-Bass History

Fender is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Precision bass, and posted this video as part of the year-long celebration.

In the video, Clash bassist Paul Simonon talks about his background and his basses, as well as the story behind the iconic London Calling album cover featuring him smashing one of his Precisions on the stage. (He still owns the pieces).

I wonder how many bassists out there would carve their names into the instrument right off the bat, to “break it being all new and precious and clean…”

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  1. Happy 60th birthday to the Precision Bass. Way to still be cool Mr. Simonon.

  2. George Smith

    Great Video an thanks for posting….LOVE The Clash an Paul Simonon….All kinds of different musicians huh?!?…..Love It