AweSome Musical Instruments Releases Pickup Tone Multiplier Kit

AweSome Musical Instruments has introduced the T4-Board Kit, a mod using their Pickup Tone Multiplier switching system to provide a total of 68 analog pickup tones for instruments with 4-pickup coils. That includes instruments with two 4-wire humbuckers, one 4-wire humbucker and two single-coil pickups, or four single-coil pickups.

AweSome Musical Instruments Pickup Tone Multiplier Kit

The system consists of six switches on a 1″ x 3″ board that switches pickups between on and off, in phase and reverse phase, and series or parallel configuration. It also includes a solderless terminal strip.

The T4-Board Kit is available now for $49.97 from the AweSome Musical Instruments website.

T4-Board Kit Components:

  • One Pickup Tone Multiplier T3-Board do-it-yourself KIT
  • Board dimensions: 1.00” wide x 3.05” long x 1.15” deep (2.54cm x 7.75cm x 2.92cm)
  • Six DPDT mini toggle switches
  • One 10-position terminal strip
  • 7.5” (4.45cm) insulated 26 gauge blue wire for testing
  • 12” (30.48cm) insulated 26 gauge red wire (to extend existing pickup or input wires if needed)
  • 12” (30.48cm) insulated 26 gauge black wire (to extend existing pickup or input wires if needed)
  • 4 yellow/clear solderless crimp connectors (UY2)
  • 2 grey wire nuts (71B)
  • Styrofoam block and drill hole template used for assembly and installation positioning

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  1. This would be neat to put on an acoustic guitar.