Yes Releases Fly From Here

Yes: Fly From HereYes has released their first studio album in 10 years entitled Fly From Here, which is available now through download with physical copies coming July 12.

The project started over a conversation between bassist Chris Squire and producer Trevor Horn about a song called “We Can Fly From Here” that the group worked on but didn’t make the cut for their 1980 release Drama. The song eventually morphed into a six-part epic, which in turn spawned material for a full album.

The band has gone through many lineup changes since its 1968 inception, with Squire being the sole constant member. The rest of the current group includes guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Alan White, keyboardist Oliver Wakeman and singer Benoit David.

Squire told that he expects the lineup to “stick around a while” and maybe produce another album.

“If an album becomes successful, of course everyone is very favorably disposed to want to talk about doing another one,” Squire said. “I hope that does happen because I enjoy working with Trevor a lot, and it’s really a fulfilling experience.”

Preview and download Fly From Here:

Fly From Here Track List:

  1. Fly From Here – Overture
  2. Fly From Here – Pt. I – We Can Fly
  3. Fly From Here – Pt. II – Sad Night at the Airfield
  4. Fly From Here – Pt. III – Madman at the Screens
  5. Fly From Here – Pt. IV – Bumpy Ride
  6. Fly From Here – Pt. V – We Can Fly
  7. The Man You Always Wanted Me to be
  8. Life on a Film Set
  9. Hour of Need
  10. Solitaire
  11. Into the Storm

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  1. Derik

    It doesn’t look like you can actually buy it until July 12.