Peter Erskine New Trio Releases “Joy Luck”, with Damian Erskine

Peter Erskine New Trio: Joy LuckPeter Erskine’s latest album, Joy Luck, showcases the drummer’s new trio, and a family connection. Peter’s nephew [and No Treble columnist] Damian Erskine joins his uncle for the first time on an album. Dubbed the Peter Erskine New Trio, the group also includes pianist Vardan Ovsepian.

“I’ve waited for the right time to form a group with my talented nephew, Damian, and the time is now,” Peter shares. “As one of my students at USC recently told me, ‘No offense, Professor – you’re, like, famous and all, but the Erskine that’s got all of my friends excited is that bass-player one up in Portland’… And rightfully so.”

The album features original compositions by each of the trio’s members, and is a release the band describes as combining “the strength of experience with the vitality of youth”.

Preview and download Joy Luck:

Joy Luck Track List:

  1. Joy Luck Club
  2. On Land, On Sea
  3. Man’s Dream
  4. Esperança
  5. Dr. Kildare
  6. Iridescence
  7. Something I Said
  8. Dreaming Paris
  9. I’ve Never Been In Love Before
  10. Every Tomorrow
  11. Song for Zoey

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