Bass of the Week: Rickenbacker Limited Edition Lemmy Kilmister Signature 4004LK

Rickenbacker Limited Edition Lemmy Kilmister Signature 4004LK

Rickenbacker paid tribute to metal icon and Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister with the introduction of the 4004LK, a signature bass limited to 60 pieces that was first spotted in 1995, though production started around 2000.

The bass is half instrument, half art, as each piece’s walnut body features a hand-carved relief of oak leaves and white checked binding. Since they were all done by hand, each bass’s relief a little different from the rest, giving each a unique identity.

Rickenbacker Limited Edition Lemmy Kilmister Signature 4004LK Gallery:

The maple neck is fitted with a rosewood fingerboard, accented with star inlays. The original prototype included two of Rickenbacker’s humbucking pickups while the actual production batch has three, though the original production met some issues so there is some variance in placement. Finally, bass is finished off with gold hardware and a flat oil polished finish.

The Rickenbacker 4004LK originally retailed for around $1,800, but good luck finding someone to give it up now. One was auctioned on eBay in February for approximately $11,385.

Rickenbacker Limited Edition Lemmy Kilmister Signature 4004LK Specs:

  • Scale: 33 1/4″
  • Body: Walnut
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Frets: 20
  • Pickups: Three Rickenbacker Humbuckers
  • Electronics: Passive
  • Hardware: Gold
  • Other Details: Hand Carved Relief, Limited to 60 pieces, Matching Wood Cover Plates
  • Price: Original retail: $1795; Current: N/A

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  1. Tom

    I’d kill a hobo for that bass.


  2. now THIS is cool stuff.

  3. SKLog

    Tonight the action did not exceed $6300 and did not meet reserve…..
    The $11000 was certainly a crazy price and made some owners of that fantastic art masterpiece dream a bit too much.

  4. Del

    What the hell would you do with a bass like that? You certainly wouldn’t play it. Probably put it in a glass case and throw sugar at it.

  5. Here’s the one I let slip through my hands – but not before playing the hell out of it for a couple of months. Enjoy!

  6. omfg I want 1 but not for $11k. retail was $1.8k.

  7. that’s amazing :O

  8. OOOO god I want one! Lemmy can I have your’s? Please?

  9. ????? ?????? ?? ??????????? ????? ??? ?????? ? ????,??? ? ???? ?? ????? ?????.

  10. My friend Kenny’s band warmed up for Motorhead at a place called California Dreams near Knotts berry farm.I helped set the drums for ken.I’ve been a arms reach from one of his basses.The one with the iron cross.I could of snuck off with it.

  11. JohJay60

    I know this is an old thread, but WHY do companies make ‘limited edition’ of so much stuff? Is someone 20 years ago really going to say “Oh, I wanted one, but there are 500 made, so nevermind”. Why only 60? Probably all in glass cases somewhere. If they made more, people would actually see musicians like me playing them somewhere live.

    • You are right and Lemmy said exactly the same in an interview with a magzine. I have made two custom versions of the Cliff Burton bass (Aria Pro 2) and I use the Lemmy Signature strings and a Rickenbacker HB1 bridge pickup, same like Lemmy. I also made two full stacks and replikas of Marsha and Murder One, you can see and hear it on my youtube channel : )