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King Crimson: “Sleepless” Live in Japan with Tony Levin

This song opens up just right: with some awesome percussive slap bass by Tony Levin.

And he doesn’t stop there.

The tune, “Sleepless” is from King Crimson’s 1984 release, Three of a Perfect Pair, with Levin on bass and Stick, Adrian Belew on vocals/guitar, Robert Fripp on guitar and Bill Bruford on drums.

Levin’s bass is painted to resemble the album’s cover.

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Aaron Gibson

Thanks for posting this! Tony and Especially Adrien have been huge influences for my playing and songwriting!



    I fully agree with you Rafy, I searched on Youtube many times to see if someone had posted a bass cover of this track, but I only found a few guys who just made an attempt: none of them got close to the way Tony does it (I find his way of thumbing magnificent).

Steve Cooper

Enjoy seeing Bass used to great effect on different levels