GoGo Tuners Releases Caliber Clip-On Tuner

GoGo Tuners Caliber Clip-On TunerGoGo Tuners has introduced the Caliber, a new multi-instrument clip-on tuner. The Caliber is similar to the company’s TT-1 tuner, and features their “Green you’re in tune, Red you’re out” display for easy visualization of pitch. Improvements its predecessor include a heavier duty rubber construction and an enhanced vivid screen display.

The Caliber has five modes for easy configuration: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola. It detects pitch by way of either the built in vibration sensor or internal mic and recognizes from A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz). As with the TT-1, the reference pitch may be set between 430Hz and 450Hz in 1Hz steps.

The GoGo Tuners Caliber Clip-on Tuner is available now for a street price of $29.99.

GoGo Tuners Caliber Clip-On Tuner Specs:

  • Black/Charcoal Finish
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Rubber Construction
  • Clip-on Tuner
  • Enhanced Vivid Screen Display
  • Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola
  • Wide detection range: A0(27.5Hz) – C8(4186.00 Hz)
  • Choose internal mic or vibration sensor
  • Pitch range: reference pitch from 430Hz – 450Hz (1Hz steps)
  • 360 degree Swivel mount rotates in any position
  • Auto power save and shut-off extends battery life
  • Detection accuracy: +/-0.5cent

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