Gibson Releases Flying V Bass

In conjunction with the release of the new Explorer Bass, Gibson has introduced a new Flying V Bass. With a 30.5″ scale, the bass is a “mean and meaty” instrument that the company says perfect for players with shorter arms and hands, as well as beginners, students, and those more familiar with six-string guitar lengths.

Gibson Flying V Bass

The Flying V body is made of Grade-A mahogany with a high-gloss Cherry nitrocellulose finish and fit with a white, four-ply pickguard. Similar to the Explorer, it has a glued-in, quarter-sawn maple neck topped with a Precosia fingerboard. The neck has a slim profile, measuring .850″ deep at the 1st fret and .900″ at the 12th, with a width of 1.60″ across its PLEK-cut Corian nut.”

The Flying V bass features a pair of the company’s high-output Thunderbird Bass pickups, while the hardware is rounded out with a three-point bridge with individually adjustable saddles and Grover “Shamrock” tuners. The bass is available now with a retail price of $2,129.

Gibson Flying V Bass Specs:

Neck:Quarter-sawn Maple, Slim Profile
Inlays:Acrylic Dot
Nut:Corian, with Gibson PLEK Slots
Tuners:Grover Shamrock with 20:1 Tuning Ratio
Bridge:3-Point with Adjustable Saddles
Pickups:2 Thunderbird Ceramic
Controls:Volume, Volume, Tone

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  1. Troy Hughes

    No sitting down to play this one.

  2. As one with “shorter arms & hands”, I approve. Definitely not to be played sitting down…….

  3. I have a v bass, sitting down is a little uncomfortable.
    But if you hook your right leg around in the v.
    It’s easier than you would think.

  4. Too much money $$$.

  5. $2,129 for a bass for beginners? Good luck with that.

  6. Now, you’re getting close… Bring back the Triumph in a 5!

  7. Gibson needs to stop making hideous short scale basses that sound like ass.
    I’d like a decent Thunderbird or a Grabber / Ripper. That is all.

  8. I have an Epiphone version of this bass… Worth around 600 with the modifications put it. Helps me play stuff that I can’t play on my ESP LTD F (Tom Araya Signature).

  9. i play on several 81, 82 models. this feels like a toy and it has that cheap epiphone look. not even close to the coolness of the early 80’s v bass… which there were only 350 made. gibson call me… i

  10. Brandon Trent

    As one other person just said: Thunderbird, Ripper, and Grabber basses!! Keep all the short-scale crap for yourself, Gibson!!

  11. kolby kolb

    I’d grab a rick, or music man for some chunkin