Best of 2011: The Top 10 Most Popular Bass of the Week Features

We introduced the new Bass of the Week series in 2011. Every week we feature a different and unique, unusual and/or beautiful bass. It is a tough job, but we’re happy to keep it going for loyal No Treble readers who love gear as much as us.

Here are the top 10 most viewed from the Bass of the Week series this year.

Rickenbacker Limited Edition Lemmy Kilmister Signature 4004LK

1. Rickenbacker Limited Edition Lemmy Kilmister Signature 4004LK

Rickenbacker paid tribute to metal icon and Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister with the introduction of the 4004LK, a signature bass limited to 60 pieces that was first spotted in 1995, though production started around 2000. The bass is half instrument, half art…

Alusonic S-Special Aluminum Bass

2. Alusonic S-Special Aluminum Bass

Alusonic takes metal bass to a new level – the Italian bass builders make their instruments out of aluminum, citing characteristic and environmental reasons. The special Anticorodal and Ergal alloys that they use are naturally light, rigid and produce a balanced, fat sound while Aluminum is completely recyclable, making it more eco-friendly…

Little Guitar Works Torzal Standard

3. Little Guitar Works Torzal Standard

With time comes innovation, and for bass players it means lighter rigs, improved effects pedals and ergonomic basses. The Little Guitar Works Torzal Bass is a prime example of that progressive ideology…

Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy

4. Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy

While this bass may conjure images of ZZ Top, the idea for the Bas-Extravaganza Fluffy actually came to proprietor Bas Wittenberg on a trip through IKEA. The luthier saw a rug and immediately decided to put it to use as a “finish.”…

Ritter Royal Flora Aurum

5. Ritter Royal Flora Aurum

Based out of Deidesheim, Germany, Jens Ritter is an electric bass luthier known for his artistic flair and luxurious basses. In addition to his exceptional line of basses is the Ritter Royal collection, which are set apart due to a “unique feature or an exceptional design history aspect of Jens Ritter’s career as a luthier.”…

Waja-Bass Design Telio G.V. 5-String Fretless

6. Waja-Bass Design Telio G.V. 5-String Fretless

The Telio G.V. is a 5-string Fretless from Waja-bass Design. The bass is built by hand in Kempen, Germany and features a striking ergonomic body shape made of swamp-ash and dibetou. Besides sculpting for easier access, the design aims for balance between the body and neck…

Spalt Instruments vViper

7. Spalt Instruments vViper

The Spalt Instruments vViper is a custom built bass with a unique pickup design that pivots. The idea for the “wiper” arm pickup is the brainchild of proprietor Michael Spalt, a luthier who started building after studying film, photography and painting in San Francisco…

Chillbass Pantera

8. Chillbass Pantera

Chillbass Guitars’ Pantera is a sleek fretless bass that takes its cues from minimalism. The bass has a medium, 32″ scale, which the French bass builder explains lowers the string tension and ultimately aids upper register tones, playability, and adds to a “fat low end.”…

Xylem 5-String Black Limba Bass

9. Xylem 5-String Black Limba Bass

Th Xylem 5-string bass is one beautiful custom bass with a neck-through design and featuring a black limba body with a bookmatched macassar ebony top, accented with bocote and maple. The quartersawn neck is bird’s eye maple and has an ebony fretboard and custom inlays of a tomoe and falling leaves…

JanAid Guitars’ Bob Abbott Yolanda 5

10. JanAid Guitars’ Bob Abbott Yolanda 5

Named after a butterfly found in southern Spain, the JanAid Yolanda 5 bass draws inspiration from nature. This is the latest incarnation of the bass, which is also a signature model for Baltimore-based player Bob Abbott…

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  1. Ken Boddie Jr

    I mean Really? they all look like they came from a furniture store..I guess you have to play em and hear them..

  2. Bill Methatswho

    A lot of “Out of the Box” thinking in these basses!

  3. never judge a bass by its cover….

  4. Looks are cool, but to me sound and feel are the utmost!

  5. Question, I just bought a music man classic stingray 4 string….I have wanted one since I saw Louis Johnson playing them in the late 70’s maybe early 80’s. Now the Question….I am sure he was a pioneer of the music man, but I hardly ever see him given any credit… close to nill, nor is he a spokesman to the best of my knowledge… does anyone know why the disconnect? I can’t figure it out really…