Best of 2011: The Top 10 Most Active No Treble Readers

This one is cool. No Treble’s Facebook page recently hit 50,000 fans, and we love reading your comments and replying to you there as much as we do on the articles here.

We were curious as to who commented the most on No Treble and the Facebook page. We found out.

So we thought: what an awesome top 10 list!

Thanks to each of you who made the list, and to every one of you who share your comments with us. (Even if it isn’t in agreement with what we cover from time to time. Anyone remember the Lou Reed/Metallica CD coverage?)

We’re glad to get the chance to know you all. We promise we won’t ask to stay at your house during our travels though. At least not often.

#1 Clifton Ray Jackson


Clifton Ray Jackson

#2 Bubba LeDuc


Bubba LeDuc

#3 Taylor TheBassist Simensky


Taylor TheBassist Simensky

#4 David Robbins


David Robbins

#5 Rob Doane


Rob Doane

#6 Art Araya


Art Araya

#7 Jeff Martin


Jeff Martin

#8 Barry Irwin


Barry Irwin

#9 James Kelley


James Kelley

#10 Gary Peterson


Gary Peterson

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