Best of 2017: Top 10 Reader Spotlights

Our favorite feature on No Treble is the Reader Spotlight. It is our chance to share the stories of our favorite people, who play our favorite instrument.

If we haven’t shared your story yet, I invite you to reach out.

Kicking off our “Best of 2017” series, here are the 10 most popular Reader Spotlights we published this year.

Reader Spotlight: Tunu Jumwa

1. Tunu Jumwa

Meet Tunu Jumwa, a bassist who got her start four years ago and already has her own signature bass. Here’s her story…

Reader Spotlight: Franziska Plueckhan

2. Franziska Plueckhan

Meet Franziska Plueckhan (aka Sissip), a bassist who has traveled the world, and covers the musical spectrum from solo bass and vocals to studio work, to top 40. Franziska says she got her start on bass due to the size of her hands and has been playing ever since…

Reader Spotlight: Ariana Falcò

3. Ariana Falcò

Meet Ariana Falcò, a bassist from Argentina who spends her days teaching, recording and playing bass. Here’s her story…

Reader Spotlight: Alex Nikolaeff

4. Alex Nikolaeff

Meet Alex Nikolaeff, who started playing the bass because no one else in the band wanted to pick it up. He says he’ll play his trusty Fender Jazz bass for the rest of his life. Here’s his story…

Reader Spotlight: Rachel Rhodes

5. Rachel Rhodes

Meet Rachel Rhodes, a musician who started life in Austin, Texas and now lives in France playing music and working on mobile games. While she started on other instruments, she credits her dad with showing her the way, with plenty of James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, David Hood, and others in rotation…

Reader Spotlight: Dave Siff

6. Dave Siff

Meet Dave Siff, a bassist and dad who takes playing bass and gigging seriously while also having a lot of fun. And he gets the role of bassist. Here’s his story…

Reader Spotlight: Matt Thomas

7. Matt Thomas

Meet Matt Thomas, who decided he wanted to play guitar at first, and decided maybe “four strings would be easier.” He later determined this wasn’t the case, but he stuck with it. Today, he enjoys gigging after his day job is done…

Reader Spotlight: Gregory Johnson

8. Gregory Johnson

Meet Gregory Johnson, who first fell in love with the bass guitar thanks to a Fender Precision back in 1977 and has been on a musical journey ever since. Here’s his story…

Reader Spotlight: Liam “Leroy” Owen

9. Liam “Leroy” Owen

Growing up in what he describes as “the wildest and weirdest parts of West Wales,” Liam “Leroy” Owen lived in a home without a TV signal. “So music was what we did,” he shares. His dad – a guitarist – had plenty of instruments around, and when it came time for Liam to choose one, he chose the bass…

Reader Spotlight: Jon Packard

10. Jon Packard

Meet Jon Packard, a bassist who spent his career in the Air Force and played around the world in military bands. While Jon started out as a piano player, the love for the low end made him switch to the bass…

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