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Overtōn To Debut New Amp, Combo, DI at NAMM

Overtōn Amplification will be debuting a few new pieces of gear at the upcoming NAMM Show, including the Flyweight 500 amp, the Tremor 10mini combo, and the TōnLink-DI, which will be the company’s first foray into outboard gear.

Overtōn Flyweight 500

Overtōn Flyweight 500The Flyweight 500 builds on Overtōn’s Flyweight 200 and pumps up the power to 500 watts at 4 ohms. While it shares many traits like auto-compression with a bypass, the brand’s sculpt control, and a balanced direct out with level and lift, the sub-compact 500 also adds more functionality. The 4-band EQ has both low and high-mid controls in addition to bass and treble knobs. They also included their new Twin-Level master volume section, which is accessible by footswitch. Essentially, the master volume can be set at two levels to accommodate style changes and lead boosts. The footswitch also gives access to mute, the Sculpt bypass, and the compressor bypass. The Flyweight 500 will have a MAP of $349.99.

Overtōn Flyweight 500 Specs:

  • 500W @ 4Ω – Class D
  • Auto-compression with bypass
  • Overtōn signature sculpt control
  • 4-band active equalizer
  • Twin-Level Master Volume
  • Balanced direct output w/ level & lift
  • Series effects loop
  • Headphone out, tuner out and aux. input
  • Speak-on – 1/4” combo jack main outs
  • Footswitchable master level, mute, compressor bypass, and sculpt bypass

Overtōn Tremor 10mini

Overtōn Tremor 10miniThe Tremor 10mini is a no-nonsense 50-watt combo with Overtōn’s Special Design 10 loudspeaker. Features include sculpt control, a 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid, and a headphone out. The practice amp also has an Aux-in for playing along with MP3 players and other external audio sources. The Overtōn Tremor 10mini will have a MAP of $179.99.

Overtōn Tremor 10mini Specs:

  • 50W @ 4Ω – Class AB
  • 10” Overtōn Special Design loudspeaker
  • Overtōn Sculpt Control
  • 3-band EQ w/ sweepable midrange
  • Aux. inputs and headphone out

Overtōn TōnLink-DI

Overtōn TōnLink-DIThe new TōnLink-DI will “provide Overtōn’s sound in pedal format,” as it sports many of the same features of the Flyweight series. Controls include Gain, Sculpt, a 3-band EQ, and Master level. The pedal has dual versatile footswitches. The left switch can be set to either engage mute or a transparent bypass, and the right switch triggers either compressor or sculpt bypass modes.

For connectivity, the TōnLink-DI has a tuner out, an FX loop, and 1/4” and XLR outputs. The price point for the Overtōn TōnLink-DI is still TBA, according to the company.

Overtōn TōnLink-DI Specs:

  • Dual outputs: XLR and 1/4”
  • Dual functioning footswitches
  • Auto-compressor with bypass
  • Overtōn Sculpt Control
  • 3-Band EQ
  • FX Loop
  • Tuner Out