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Warwick Unveils Jack Bruce Survivor and Jimmy Earl Signature Basses

Warwick introduced a pair of Signature basses at NAMM this year for former Cream bassist Jack Bruce and jazz bassist Jimmy Earl. The new instruments are hand-crafted in Germany and each come with individually issued certificates of authenticity.

Warwick Jack Bruce Survivor Bass Specs

Based on their previous CRB model, the new Jack Bruce Survivor bass features neck-through construction with a mahogany body and neck. The tigerstripe ebony fingerboard holds two octaves of frets though a fretless version is available. Red side dot LEDs increase the bass’s mojo while providing guidance in dimly lit venues.

Warwick went old school with the pickups by utilizing passive MEC Vintage single coils with their active MEC 2-way electronics. Hardware includes Warwick’s tuners, 2-piece bridge, and the Just-A-Nut III Brass.

Warwick Jack Bruce Survivor Bass Specs:

  • Neck Through
  • Only available as righthand 4-string
  • fretted and fretless version available only
  • Mahagony body
  • Mahagony neck
  • Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard
  • Red side dot LEDs
  • Scale length: 34” (long scale)
  • 24 frets
  • Passive MEC Vintage single coils
  • Active MEC 2-way electronics
  • Available in Burgundy Red Stain High Polish and Nirvana Black Stain High Polish
  • Warwick tuners
  • 2-piece Warwick bridge
  • Warwick security locks
  • Chrome hardware
  • Just-A-Nut III Brass
  • Warwick EMP-strings: 045” – 105” (38200M)
  • Including Warwick “User Kit”
  • Including “Rockcase® Flight Case RC 10830 B W
  • Individually issued certificate of authenticity

Jimmy Earl, whose career includes heavy hitting jazz records as well as being in Jimmy Kimmel’s house band, went for a more traditional style signature model. Available only as a 5-string, the bass features a US Swamp Ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, while sporting a pair of active EMG J/J pickups.

Warwick Jimmy Earl Signature Bass

The MEC original 2-band Blackbox electronics are the same from Earl’s first 1986 bass. Other features include red side dot LEDs, YingYang inlays, and Warwick hardware.

Warwick Jimmy Earl Signature Bass Specs:

  • Bolt on
  • Only 5-string available
  • available as righthand only
  • US Swamp Ash body
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple fingerboard
  • YingYang Inlays
  • Red side dot LEDs
  • 34” long scale
  • 24 frets
  • Active EMG J/J pickups
  • MEC original 2-band Blackbox electronic from 1986 first Jimmy Earl bass, Volume Push-Pull + Balance + Treble + Bass
  • Natural oil finish
  • Chrome hardware
  • Warwick tuners
  • Just-A-Nut III Brass
  • Warwick 2-piece bridge
  • Warwick security locks
  • Warwick EMP strings .040”-.130” (38300 ML 5)
  • Including Warwick “User Kit”
  • Including “Rockcase® Flight Case RC 10830 B W
  • Individually issued certificate of authenticity

Though the US price list is not yet available, the Warwick Jack Bruce Survivor and Jimmy Earl Signature basses have European MSRPs of €6,689 and €6,929 (approximately $8,779 and $9,094 USD), respectively.

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