Brian Bromberg: “Voodoo Child”

Brian Bromberg pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix in this clip, playing both standard and piccolo bass, and taking a few tasty solos along the way.

We love it when bassists cover Hendrix. So much so, we made a top 10 list last year.

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  1. That is not a cover. I was expecting bass only. Any decent bassist can sound good with all those backing tracks. Not impressed.

  2. I only watched for about 60 sec’s then my attention span drifted onto the tv , so in all honesty I did’nt think it had any wow factor!

    • I didn’t watch it at all & agree no wow factor lol

    • Teresa Nunes Not seeing the whole thing hardly qualifies one to critisize.
      Bromberg’s a virtuoso. His warm up is more than most achieve in a life time.

    • This guy is the nuts ; “” Allthough how he claims to be a bass player is another question ! Because that doesnt look like a bass to me !

  3. hendrix wouldn’t be proud

  4. you need to watch the video all the way thru, anyone who knows Brian knows he is a fantastic bassist.

  5. This is a bass highlight? Agree with Artie.

  6. I am not sure we watched same video….really liked it.

  7. Wow, awesome player! But I have to say the first 2.30 minutes or so was a bit noisy and monotonous to me. But boy, he starts cookin’ after that! :)

  8. this guy is a closeted guitarist. not a bassist.

  9. You people are so close minded it is ridiculous. Listen to yourselves: “That isn’t bass playing… he’s not a bassist, he’s a guitar player…etc.” anyone who knows Brian knows that he is a killer Upright/Double bass player and bass guitarist and piccolo bassist. You can play a bass anyway you want. It is a tool. I don’t care if you slap it with a fish as long as you express what you want to express. This is music folks, it should be driven by emotion, not rules and stipulations.

  10. The man is a killer on bass, you were not impressed because you didn’t even pay attention.
    I don’t think anyone here plays 5% as good as him bass ( AND double bass ).

  11. Comments like “Closeted guitarist” and “not a real bassist” make me sad and frustrated. Don’t just learn an instrument. Learn music! Your choice of instrument is merely the way you express yourself in music. Complaining about someone else studying hard to get close to that never-available mastery of an instrument is rather pointless when you won’t even take the first baby steps yourself. I didn’t particularly like this version of the song, but that doesn’t matter. I’m pleased that people will still try and do something different and push the envelope.

  12. Why did he make a signature bass with Peavey and then make an almost identical one with Carvin? I think I’m missing part of the story.

  13. I agree that this isn’t really a cover, it’s more of a massive improv on a jam track with a similar vibe. I don’t really care if that’s what it was though because his soloing on the regular and piccolo basses was ripping and musical. in fact I have met very few musicians who are capable of playing with such drastic differences in feel.