FuzzHugger FX Releases Bass Bloom Fuzz Pedal

FuzzHugger FX Bass Bloom Fuzz PedalFuzzhugger FX has released the Bass Bloom, a bass-oriented version of their Algal Bloom fuzz. The new adaptation accounts for bass lovers by adding more low-end response and a clean blend to retain their original tone.

The Bass Bloom has five controls: Gain, Bloom, Starve, Fuzz Level, and Clean Level. The Bloom knob controls the amount of fuzz added, while Starve adds unique textures by limiting the amount of power that reaches the pedal’s circuit. The effect is described as mimicking a dying battery. After dialing in your fuzz, you have separate clean and fuzz levels for mixing the right amount.

The FuzzHugger FX Bass Bloom is available now with an introductory price of $149, though the regular price will be around $169. Custom hand-painted housings are also available. For more, visit the FuzzHugger website.

FuzzHugger FX Bass Bloom Specs:

  • Gain, Fuzz (Bloom), Starve, Fuzz Level, and Clean Level knobs
  • Developed with Smallsound/Bigsound
  • Professionally printed circuit board
  • LED (gem button style)
  • True-bypass switching
  • 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries)
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure. (4.7? x 3.7?)
  • Lifetime warranty

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