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Bass of the Week: Atlansia Solitaire

There’s been an on-going discussion about what constitutes a bass, and specifically how more than four strings is “breaking the rules.”

Well, what if there’s only one string? Enter the Atlansia Solitaire.

Atlansia Solitaire Bass - Front

Based in Nagano, Atlansia is known for outlandish designs – so much so that their website has to specify that the instruments are “Made in Japan on Planet Earth,” just to reassure everyone that they don’t come from outer space.

With its scaled-back and avant-garde design, the Solitaire is no exception.

Available as fretted or fretless, the single-stringed bass is made entirely of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and has a swing-out arm for balance while using a strap. It has a monorail bridge with an Atlansia original bottom tuner.

The bass’s pickup is an Atlansia ARSX4, controlled by a dome-shaped, gold volume knob. The black dome at the top is a string retainer.

The Atlansia Solitaire is available from the company’s website for ¥88,000 (approx. $1,064 USD).

Atlansia Solitaire Bass Specs:

Atlansia Solitaire Bass Photo Gallery:

Photo credits: BigRedX – Band website

Atlansia Solitaire Bass Specs:

  • Body: Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Neck: Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Fingerboard: Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • Scale: 34”
  • Tuner: Atlansia Original, Bottom Tuner
  • Nut: Adjustable Screw Nut
  • Frets: Jumbo
  • Position Markers: Side-dot
  • Pickups: Atlansia ARSX4