TC Electronic Unveils BG250 Combo Amp at MusikMesse 2012

TC Electronic BG250 Combo AmpTC Electronic announced their new BG250 bass combo, a 1×15? that pumps out 250 watts of power while weighing in at 35 pounds.

The combo is the first to have TC’s innovative new TonePrint concept built in, which allows for interchangeable and customizable effects to be loaded into the amp. Coupled with the iPhone app, TonePrint lets you change effects on the fly, which can then be engaged or disengaged with an optional footswitch.

For tone control, the BG250 has a TubeDrive setting for dialing in some grit, but TC replaced the typical EQ section with their Dynamic Tone Contouring Filter. Essentially, the Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs control more than one frequency. For example, turning up the bass knob boosts 100Hz, but turning it down cuts 80Hz, which is a frequency that is more associated with reducing boominess. The Mid knob boosts 800Hz for midrange cut, but cuts both 800Hz and 500Hz when turned down to create more of a mid-scoop funk tone. Turning up the treble knob will boost high frequencies, but also open up the combo’s tweeter to provider more air to your sound.

Other features of the BG250 include a balanced DI, auxiliary input, built-in tuner, and headphone output.

The TC Electronic BG250 will be hitting the EU in May, while its U.S. appearance is slated for June. It will carry a street price of $399. For more details, check out the TC Electronic website.

TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo Overview:

TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo Photos:

TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo Specs:

  • TonePrint Effects (TC Bass Chorus pre-loaded)
  • Power: 250 Watts
  • Weight: 16 kg / 35 lbs
  • Built-in Bass Tuner
  • TubeDrive – Tube Pre- and Power Amp emulation
  • Bass contoured Tone Controls
  • Rehearsal input
  • Balanced out
  • High power Headphone output
  • Footswitch control of TubeTone, Tuner & TonePrint (optional)
  • 15? custom TC driver, custom TC Tweeter

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  1. Wow! That’s definitely worth checking out…good value for the money it seems :-)

  2. That is one kuul amp! Always loved TC!

  3. This Amp sound very well.

  4. I picked one of these up last week…to test against a couple other smallish combos. This is punchier, more musical, and less expensive than any of the others. They went back, this one stays in my “arsenal.” My one complaint is–no external speaker jack. I will be making my own mod to the amp to power and external 2X10 cab.