Tribal Tech Returns with the Release of “X”

Tribal Tech: XIt has been over a decade since Tribal Tech released a new album, but thankfully, the quartet is making their return with the release of X, out today.

Anchored by bassist Gary Willis, Tribal Tech returns with their line up of guitarist Scott Henderson, keyboardist Scott Kinsey and drummer Kirk Covington, X marks the tenth album by the group originally formed by Willis and Henderson in 1984.

The band entered the studio without a set list or arrangements for X, opting instead for each member to bring their own musical sketches to the studio, hitting record and setting out to discover the new music that would come from the group who hadn’t recorded for a dozen years. That last recording was Rocket Science, released in 2000.

It is good to have these guys back together.

X is available on CD and digital download.

X Track List:

  1. Mech X
  2. Got Faith N’ Phat
  3. Time Lapse
  4. Anthem
  5. Palm Moon Plaza
  6. Gravity
  7. Working Blue
  8. Ask Me A Question
  9. Let’s Get Swung
  10. Corn Butter

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  1. Tribal Tech’s “X” is one amazing album! So glad they were able to get Gary over to LA to jam and record this platter. Scott has matured a lot in his playing. Love the electric sitar on “Ask Me a Question”. Willis shines throughout; his “Time Lapse” features one of the baddest bass solos I’ve ever heard. The variety of sounds and grooves on this recording will blow you away. A fun listen indeed.

  2. Amazing playing fom Willis and the boys…..