Ashdown Introduces MiBass Combo Amps

Ashdown MiBass Combo AmpExpanding on their ultra compact MiBass head units, Ashdown has unveiled a new range of MiBass combos. The new models carry the 550-watt version amplifier in a 1×15? configuration and the 220-watt version in 1×10?, 2×8?, and 1×12?.

Features on the combos carry over from the MiBass head, including a switchable active/passive instrument input, a semi-parametric EQ, Deep and Shape switches, and Ashdown’s VU meter. For connectivity, the amps include an auxiliary input with a level control and a headphone output for silent practicing. Weights for the units range from 16.2kg to 21kg (approximately 35 pounds to 46 pounds).

In addition to the combos, Ashdown is introducing two MiBass Cabinets: the Mi10? and Mi12?. The Mi10? produces 250 watts at 4 ohms while weighing in at 10kg (approximately 22 pounds), while the bigger Mi12? pumps out 250 watts at 8 ohms and weighs 16kg (approximately 35 pounds).

Ashdown MiBass Combo Amps lineup

The new MiBass Combos and extension cabinets will be available in the coming months, though Ashdown has yet to set the pricing. For more, check out the Ashdown website.

Ashdown MiBass Combo Range Specs:

  • 550 watts (1×15?) or 220 watts (1×10?, 2×8?, and 1×12?)
  • Semi-parametric EQ
  • Deep and Shape Switches
  • Auxiliary input With level control
  • Headphone output
  • VU Input Meter

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