Master Tour: A Look into the App for Gig and Tour Management

Master TourIf you’re a gigging musician, especially if you’re on tour, Master Tour by Eventric is an app you’ll want to check out. I was first introduced to this app by our tour manager’s wife, who hailed it is “100% indispensable”.

The app is a companion to the company’s desktop app and web portal, which allows you to enter every possible bit of information related to gigs or the travel that you could ever want to keep track of, including set lists, guest lists, contacts, travel itineraries, maps, riders and so on. No more late night calls from the guitarist asking for the lobby call time!

I was blown away at the prospect of being able to maintain all of that information in one place/app (as opposed to keeping the schedule in your calendar, your flight plans in your travel app, PDF’s with tour information stored on your phone or Dropbox, and all the rest.)

Master Tour screen exampleIt can be a bit much trying to keep on top of everything when you are forced to do it across five different applications on your phone, iPad or laptop, and the last thing anybody wants to do is have to whip out their iDevice and frantically search for the proper information before boarding, checking in or even just telling the wife where you’ll be later and what time you can call. Everything is right there, in one place and beautifully organized.

The app’s “Professions” account is designed for tour managers ($39.99/month: data entry side of things via the desktop app with all of the bells and whistles), while the premium and premium plus (free and $9.99/month respectively) are designed for the crew and members of the band, who just need varying degrees of information available to them.

Master Tour is a universal app, designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and requires iOS 3.1 or later and available from the App Store.

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