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Led Zeppelin: “Ramble On” – John Paul Jones Isolated Bass (Isolated Bass Week)

Our week-long celebration of “all bass” continues, with this isolated bass track for Led Zeppelin’s 1969 classic, “Ramble On”, from Led Zeppelin II.

John Paul Jones and his awesome, melodic bass line from the tune is heard loud and clear, the way we like it.

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    On those really low notes I think the string is actually touching the metal part of the pickup. Which causes that heavy metallic thud



The improv stuff at the end is pretty hard to copy… ain’t even gonna waste my time try to get that nuanced stuff. Great bass player.


i’m not even a zeppelin fan but this is some well played bass. you don’t hear someone that good every day. it’s not just in his head, it’s very much in his hands and his control of the instrument. no bad notes, just smooth lovemaking music.



This was THE bassline that made me want to play bass in 1978. That was when I got a decent stereo and could actually hear the bass. I loved Sir Paul’s and JPJ’s lines for many years, but this one just did something to me. Add Bonzo and there it is, magic.