Schertler Announces LaFaro Deluxe Combo Amp for Double Bass

Schertler LaFaro Deluxe Combo AmpSwiss company Schertler has introduced the LaFaro Deluxe, a 2-channel, 280-watt bi-amplified combo amp designed specifically with double bass in mind. The amp’s name and image are a tribute to jazz bass icon Scott LaFaro, who revolutionized jazz bass in his short career.

It sports an 8? woofer designed specifically for the amp with a long linear extension for strong and clear lows with natural sounding mids as well as a 1? tweeter for smooth high end.

The LaFaro offers tons of connectivity with inputs for pickups or microphones and 3 DI outputs- one for each channel and one master output. Even further, it has an effects loop and an auxiliary output. Each channel has a Gain control and a 4-band EQ with a resonance control.

According to Schertler, the LaFaro Deluxe will be available in about two months. The price is yet to be determined. For more info, check out the Schertler website.

Schertler LaFaro Deluxe Specs:

    Schertler LaFaro Deluxe Combo Amp - back

  • Weight: 19.10 Kg (42.10 pounds)
  • Dimensions: 14.5?x17.7?x13.2?
  • Speakers: 1? Tweeter, 8? Woofer
  • Construction: Plywood
  • Channels: 2 independent channels
  • Effects: No integrated effects
  • Preamp: CLASS-A – no integrated circuits
  • Power: 280 Watts bi-amplified

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  1. 20 kgs? we made a 500w 10″ bass combo some years ago for double bass (and electric bass) weigthing 9 kgs ;).

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I’ve been waiting for this for years, no doubt this amp will kick?&%!