Jazz Soul Seven Releases “Impressions of Curtis Mayfield”

Jazz Soul Seven: Impressions of Curtis MayfieldWithout a doubt, Curtis Mayfield was one of the most influential soul artists that walked the planet. His remarkable compositions included some of the grooviest bass lines.

A new all-star cast of musicians calling themselves Jazz Soul Seven is now honoring the late guitarist/vocalist’s music with Impressions of Curtis Mayfield, a 12-track album of jazz interpretations of his music. Rooted by bassist Robert Hurst, the group brings together drummer Terri Lynne Carrington, pianist Russell Ferrante, percussionist Henry Gibson, trumpeter Wallace Roney, guitarist Phil Upchurch and saxophonist Ernie Watts.

While keeping the same spirit of the music, the instrumentalists put their spin on songs from throughout Mayfield’s career, like “Superfly”, “Move On Up”, and “People Get Ready.” The opening track, “Freddie’s Dead” from the Superfly Soundtrack, lays down the original groove before switching a to a cool modal swing section for solos. Hurst’s warm tone and impeccable groove really glue the band together.

Preview and download Impressions of Curtis Mayfield:

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Impressions of Curtis Mayfield Track List:

  1. Freddie’s Dead
  2. It’s All Right
  3. Move On Up
  4. We’re A Winner
  5. Superfly
  6. Beautiful Brother
  7. Check Out Your Mind
  8. I’m So Proud
  9. Keep On Pushing
  10. People Get Ready
  11. Gypsy Woman
  12. Amen

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