Warwick Introduces 6-String Rockbass Alien Deluxe Acoustic Bass Guitar

Warwick has added to their Rockbass Alien Deluxe line this year with a new 6-string model. The acoustic bass shares many features with its predecessors, including a laminated spruce top with laminated bubinga for the back and sides, and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6-string Acoustic Bass Guitar

The 6-string instrument departs from the 4- and 5-string models by utilizing Fishman’s Prefix Plus T system, which offers Volume, Bass, Treble and semi-parametric Contour controls. It also has a Notch filter for feedback control and a built-in chromatic tuner.

Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6-string Acoustic Bass Guitar - back
Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6-string Acoustic Bass Guitar - headstock

The Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6-string Bass is available with a street price around $860.

Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6-string Acoustic Bass Guitar Specs:

Construction:Set Neck
Body Wood:Laminated Spruce top, back and sides made of laminated Bubinga
Neck:Mahogany, satin finish
Fingerboard:Rosewood; Tigerstripe Ebony for fretless
Frets:24 nickel silver frets
Pickups:Prefix PlusT with Piezo Pickup on 6 string
Finish:Natural high polish (top, back and sides)
Hardware:Warwick tuners, Rosewood bridge with bone saddle and slotted bridge pins, Chrome hardware, Warwick security locks, Just-A-Nut III
Nut width:38.5 mm
Strings:Warwick Red Strings Bronze Acoustic Bass strings: .025″-135″

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  1. Someone buy me this bass!! Please!!!

  2. I like it. For once the price is reasonable for what you’re getting. I’ve seen C. F. Martin acoustic 4 string basses sell for around $900. I’ve owned a 4 string Takaminie Jasmine, & a Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 string fretless (quilted maple top, back & sides).

    My current acoustic is a Dean 4 string with a spruce top.

    This looks like a nice bass, & being a Warwick, I bet it sounds amazing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it in stores.

  3. That’s beautiful, and affordable!

  4. Seeing as I stood on my acoustic and snapped the neck on new years eve, I could see myself owning this..

  5. Looks great. Pretty good value too. Anyone know when it will be out in stores?

  6. Fair price from a good label! This one could end up a hit if she plays well!

  7. What strings would you put on it so that the bridge doesn’t pull off the body? I’ve seen it happen on a 5 string acoustic.

    • I was wondering the exact same thing… it must be very well built in order to avoid any damage caused by the tension on the strings.

  8. street price around $800?Sold,even if it is Chinese.

  9. I could see myself playing that Baby.Very nice!

  10. Eric T. Peterson

    A “Warwick” acoustic 6 string fretted/fretless bass for less than $900? I’m SOLD!!! Where can I get one?