NOFX Releases “126 Inches of NOFX” Box Set

NOFX: 126 Inches of NOFX Box SetNOFX has released 126 Inches of NOFX, a special box set containing 18 of the band’s classic 7? vinyls.

Containing 82 songs, the collection is filled with limited and formerly out of print titles as well as previously unreleased material. The box set is limited to 1,792 copies, and all of the vinyl will be colored gold.

The band, fronted by bassist/vocalist Fat Mike, will also be including the Thalidomide Child EP in the set, which was recorded just a year after they formed in 1983.

126 Inches of NOFX Box Set Vinyl list:

  1. The PMRC Can Suck On This
  2. Liza and Louise
  3. Don t Call Me White
  4. Fuck the Kids
  5. All of Me
  6. Timmy the Turtle
  7. Louise and Liza
  8. Pods and Gods
  9. Surfer
  10. Fat Club
  11. Regaining Unconsciousness
  12. 13 Stitches
  13. I’ve Become a Cliche
  14. Cokie the Clown
  15. My Orphan year
  16. Bonus Box Set Exclusive 7
  17. Bonus Box Set Exclusive 7
  18. Bonus Box Set Exclusive 7

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