Reader Spotlight: Will Repholz

Meet Will Repholz, a bassist hailing from The Crescent City (aka New Orleans) and obviously living the dream as a bassist. Will is our player in the spotlight for May 14, 2012.

Will Repholz


I moved to New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina and quickly met an incredible network of talented artists and musicians. I play with several acts and feel my purpose is to lock in rhythmically, serve the song and serve the artist.

I have toured extensively throughout the U.S. with several artists, and internationally as well. Playing out every night and meeting so many musicians down in the Crescent City has opened up a beautiful world of music and creativity for me and i hope to do it for a long time!


New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Day gig:

I occasionally teach a very small batch of students, but I try to spend my days outside exploring the city or biking with my dog.

Years experience:

Since I was 12. Professionally for about 9 years.

Bands & Gigs:

I play five to eight times a week regularly with several different bands. Anything from alt-country to blues to brass bands to funk and electric jazz. I also travel with various bands and perform at many prominent festivals throughout the country. I also do sub work, either first or second call bass work for a few other groups.


  • 1974 Fender Precision w/ AllParts neck
  • Warwick Streamer 5-string
  • Warwick Corvette 4-string
  • Warwick Corvette Taranis 5-string
  • fretless Japanese P-bass copy from the ’70s
  • Warmoth ’54 style P-bass
  • Kala U-Bass
  • Heavily modded Ply Upright w/ Realist pickup
  • Genz Benz and Gallien Krueger Amps
  • Epifani NYC Cabinets
  • Mini Q-tron, Boss Octave and SansAmp DI pedals
  • DR, D’Addario and Ernie Ball strings

Why I play the bass:

I grew up watching MTV and totally immersing myself in the popular music, starting around the age of 11 or 12. I also spent time listening to jazz albums and classic rock. My godmother’s boyfriend at the time had a guitar collection, and I picked up a vintage Hofner and Rickenbacker off the stands and started plucking right away. My godmother’s boyfriend instantly exclaimed, “You’re a natural!” I was never a guitarist!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Ha! I don’t know if I have a superpower per se… but what I would really say my strong point is my wide open ears. Listening is the most important thing. That and providing a serious foundation and bottom end. It’s like building a house. Sometimes there is no room for “flash”.

My influences

George Porter Jr – a New Orleans musical legend – James Jamerson, Stuart Zender, Nathan Watts, Janek Gwizdela, Chuck Rainey, Willie Weeks, John Paul Jones, Jack Daley, Cornell Williams, Charles Mingus, Bill Rich, Jaco Pastorius, Jerry Jemmott, Leland Sklar… The people who I’m influenced by most are the bassists who have played on thousands of popular songs and albums – you know their parts and licks, but you probably don’t know their name!

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  1. way to go, Will! rock dat shiz, mang!

  2. Thanks No Treble!

    • Right on Will. Nice article. I was all excited for you until I saw that you mentioned that damn Mem Shannon’s website. That ruined the whole thing for me………

  3. Bob Repholz

    Hey Will,
    Punched in your name as per yer Dad’s request to view your readers spotlight.
    Just amazed at your talents.