Rebecca Johnson: QW Brewery Live Bass Solo

It has been about a year since we first featured bassist Rebecca Johnson and her awesome live bass video.

Rebecca just sent over a new one, saying “You guys have really helped my band get a lot of fans from all over the world :)”

I think Rebecca had more to do with that than us. Check this out, and you’ll see what I mean:

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  1. Yessss!, fantastic groove.

  2. its ok, you can tell everyone is waiting for her to finish though :/

  3. Freekin’ Awesome!

  4. Everybody talks during a bass solo.

  5. That’s some smokin’ groovin’ she’s doing! Nice!

  6. Yeah, great groove with nice tone too. I like the variety and the drummer patiently sitting back and letting the bass player do the work and get noticed for a change.

  7. The guitar player could at least *pretend* to be interested…

  8. would love to hear you in an actual Funk band….

  9. Ever comming to Denmark? beers and steaks on me :-)

  10. miss Rebecca Johnson I luv the way u thump your basses your style is very nasty & funky.

  11. nice solo indeed ,, but jeez how could ya miss with a smokin drummer like that!

  12. great solo….can’t help but noticing all the flapping assholes in the background talking through a great performance.

  13. Nice one Rebecca Johnson sounds cool. Did you all see the Dog on the skateboard. Did you guys set that up?

  14. I think the guitarist wants the toilet.

  15. Ripping! Nice chops from fingers to slapping.Awesome.

  16. Hey, I played there last week! Nice to see something close to home (for me) on notreble! Always get great bass sound on that stage. Awesome chops Rebecca!

  17. Great playing there, I really enjoyed it! BUT, what’s just wrong with your guitarist… I mean he couldn’t actually look more bored, he even puts his hands in his pockets, just stands there looking around and waiting for you to finally end your solo. Imho, that’s pretty unfortunate live performance… Maybe I’m just getting it wrong? Whatever, I really enjoyed your skills.

  18. Hey Rebecca, I was just telling my kids how awesome you are just the other day. xx

  19. Mark Lansing

    So fucking good! A first rate manager, keyboards and full horn section. You would blow people away.
    I’m a musician in America. We’ve played shows with countless bands and specialty groups.
    This band, your band is outstanding. Best of the best at every instrument and voice!
    Superb! Mark Lansing