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Reader Spotlight: Robert Asencio

Meet Robert Asencio, a bassist from NJ who has overcome a lot through his music. We love his description of his day gig: “playing bass 24/7”. Nice.

Robert is our player in the spotlight for the week of June 26, 2012.

Robert Asencio


“All is possible through faith in the Lord & hard work.” These words have come to symbolize my blessed life as a bass player. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, I overcame the dangers of gangs and drugs to find peace in music with my band Killed The Fixtion. Knowing that I started playing late – at the age of 17 – I began to practice non-stop, up to 10 hrs a day, building a reputation for myself in the NJ music community.

I have a never-ending quest for knowledge, which has led me to become a student of renowned bassologist Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten Band). I continue to study with him today.

I am also an endorsed artist under the Michael Tobias Design Kingston line of basses and La Bella Strings.


Newark, New Jersey USA

Day gig:

My day job is actually playing bass 24/7. I’m very blessed to have a family that supports my dream so I stay home and play bass all day.

Years experience:

Four years

Bands & Gigs:

I’m currently involved in two side projects. One is Six Realms, which is a metalcore band where I help in writing and composing songs along with my Killed The Fixtion singer, Nelson Ceron.

The other project is Power The Machine, which is a metal cover band where we cover all types of of metal classics and put our own spin on them. It is an extremely fun project because I’m in a band with two of my my bandmates from Killed The Fixtion, one from Six Realms and the owner of Hellhound Rehearsal Studio.

I’m also an on-call musician at Hellhound Rehearsal Studio where I have played shows alongside some of the best bands in New Jersey for one-time gigs. I’m a live member for a local metal band Windfaerer who are getting a lot of positive feedback from the local metal community.

My main project – and the reason I started playing bass – is Killed The Fixtion. I play in this band with my best friends that I grew up with. We’re a funky, jazzy, east coast Pantera with a bluesy flavor. We have gotten a lot of critical and public praise with our music including being named a 2012 On The Verge Band by Rock & Fall Hall of Fame music publication, The Aquarian Weekly. In addition, we have a #1 request local band on our local radio station 89.5 WSOU FM. This is where my heart and soul is at.


  • MTD Kingston Z
  • MTD Kingston ZX
  • Boss GT-10B Multi-Effects Pedal
  • I don’t own a rig because I’m broke, but I only play Gallien-Krueger Heads & Cabs. Big shout out to Hellhound Rehearsal Studios for always providing me with gear for shows.

Why I play the bass:

To be completely honest, I really didn’t have anything else to do. My friends were starting a band, and they needed bass player.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I have no superpower or claim to fame. I just live by a quote one of my bass homies Robert “Bubby” Lewis: “Figure out who you are, be you, love all music and don’t worry about anything else just express yourself the way you feel”.

My influences

My influences is all life and God. All music and musicians inspire and influence me. If you want to know bass players who influence me, they are Robert “Bubby” Lewis, Katsuji Morioka, Andrew Gouche, Justin Raines, Thundercat, Hadrien Feraud, Damian Erskine, Janek Gwizdala, Mark Peric, Anthony Wellington, Marcus Miller, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorius, Norm Stockton, Dammo Farmer, Ethan Farmer, Tim “Rawbiz” Williams, David Dyson, Aram Bedrosian, Jean Baudin, Evan Brewer, Kevin Keith, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Flea, Dywane “Mono Neon” Thomas Jr., John Patitucci, Reggie Young, Anthony Crawford, Nate Watts, Anthony Jackson, Louis Johnson, Bob Babbit, Donald Dunn, Charles Mingus, Willie Dixon and Joel Smith.

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