Moog Issues New MF-104M Analog Delay Pedal

Moog MF-104M Analog Delay PedalMoog has introduced the MF-104M Analog Delay pedal, a reissue of their MF-104 pedal, originally introduced in 2000. The new version utilizes the same vintage “Bucket Brigade” delay chips as the original, giving up to 800ms of analog delay.

In pushing the pedal further, the new MF-104M adds a 6-waveshape LFO to expand sonic capabilities. The pedal brings back Spillover Mode, allowing for on-the-fly decisions on whether delay trails end or continue when you disengage the delay. Other features include a dedicated Tap Temp switch, MIDI control, CV/Expression Pedal inputs, and a Feedback Insert.

The Moog MF-104M is available for a limited time for $699. For more info, check out the Moog Music website.

Moog MF-104M Analog Delay Pedal Specs:

Front Panel Features:

  • Drive: From -7dB to +28dB of input signal gain or attenuation
  • Output Level: Use to optimize overall Output volume
  • Mix: Cross fader control to set the ratio of wet to dry signal
  • Time: Control range of 40ms – 800ms of analog delay time
  • Short/Long Range: Select between a short, bright delay 40ms to 400ms and a long, dark delay 80ms to 800ms
  • Feedback: Continuous control of Delay line output fed back to Delay input from no Feedback to infinite.
  • Waveshape: Selectable 6 Waveshape LFO for modulating the Delay Time
  • Rate: Controls the LFO Rate from 0.05 Hz to 50 Hz (Wider range available via CV and MIDI)
  • Amount: Controls the overall Amount of LFO modulation of the Delay Time.

Rear Panel Features:

  • Audio In: 1/4? TS jack that accepts any instrument level to line level audio signal.
  • Mix Out: 1/4? TS jack with adjustable output level for instrument or line level output.
  • Delay Out: 1/4? TS jack that supplies wet-only output.
  • Feedback, Time, LFO Rate, Mix, LFO Amount: All are 1/4? TRS jacks that accept Moog EP-2 (or equivalent) expression pedals, or 0-5VDC control voltages from either two-circuit (TS) or three-circuit (TRS) 1/4? jacks.
  • Feedback Insert: 1/4? TRS jack for inserting effects on the feedback loop of the Delay Line. Supplies line-level output.
  • MIDI In: 5 Pin DIN input for controlling the MF-104M via MIDI.
  • +9VDC Power Jack: Accepts standard 9 volt center positive barrel power adaptor (power adaptor included). 400mA minimum required.

General Specifications:

  • Case: Black panel with hardwood sides – classic analog appearance.
  • Dimensions: 9? x 6? x 2-1/2?
  • Net Weight: 3 pounds

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