Reader Spotlight: Heyko Gülicher

Heyko GülicherMeet Heyko Gülicher, a bassist from Germany who takes on the big task of anchoring a Jamiroquai tribute band dubbed Jamirolike. He says he fell in love with the bass “from the first time [he] played Peter Gunn on an E string”.

Heyko is our player in the spotlight for the week of July 10, 2012.


I’ve been brought up in a steady diet of soul, funk, rock, jazz, pop and almost every other conceivable style. After switching from keyboard to bass, I barely knew how to correctly hold the instrument when I joined the newly formed Big Band of the Bochum University – leaving behind three competitors for the bass seat because I was the only one who could read music.

After several years of changing jazz and pop projects (most notably a band called Funky Five for which I wrote a song that Tom Moulton was willing to remix), I found my musical home in Jamirolike – Germany’s only Jamiroquai tribute band.


Castrop-Rauxel, Germany

Day gig:

I am a lawyer with my own one-man firm.

Years experience:

Since 1986

Bands & Gigs:

Jamirolike is Germany’s only Jamiroquai tribute band. We won the German Pop & Rock Price 2009 in the category “best cover/revival band” and were featured on the official Jamiroquai website. Former and current band members of Jamiroquai have raved about us too.


  • Music Man Stingray Classic 5
  • Various Fender Jazz and Precision basses
  • FMC 2×12?
  • Genz Benz Streamliner 900
  • Emma Discumbobulator
  • Akai Deep Impact
  • Yamaha NE-1

Why I play the bass:

I started off as a piano player until at one point my band decided they preferred not to carry around my piano anymore. Thus, our then second keyboard player became our only keyboard player, and I was promoted to being the bass player. From the first time I played Peter Gunn on an E-String I was hooked and never looked back.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I never cease to be curious about music! New sounds, new styles, new chords, new licks – there is still so much to discover! That and the emotional effect that music has on me makes me passionate about music. I am calm, grounded and balanced – which I consider some of a supporting bassist’s best assets.

My influences

  • Duck Dunn for showing me that less is more.
  • Rocco for his superhuman stamina.
  • Jaco for his overall musical genius.
  • Jamerson and Carol Kaye for teaching me how to snuck in all those extra notes into a pop song.
  • Marcus for his tone.
  • Verdine and Bootsy for Funk, dance moves and style.
  • Miles and Mingus for everything else.

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