Jayme Lewis Releases “When Will Then Be Now”

Jayme Lewis: When Will Then Be NowIf you caught the video for the tune Sedagive by Jayme Lewis we shared a few days ago, you’ll know that the Los Angeles bassist has a lot to offer.

Luckily, Lewis has a new album called When Will Then Be Now, available on iTunes as well as Bandcamp.

The six-track jazz/rock record features some heavy duty bass work by Lewis, who wrote and produced the entire album. The group is rounded out by guitarist Jason Lewis, drummer Tim Boone, and keyboardists Sean Massey and Cheryl Lewis.

In addition to the album, Lewis has released bass transcriptions, play-along jam tracks, and instructional videos on how to play the entire album at LA Jam Trax. The play-along tracks remove an instrument for playing your own part.

Preview and download When Will Then Be Now:

When Will Then Be Now Track List:

  1. Sedagive
  2. Why Do I Always Get a Warped One
  3. Fork Found
  4. The Sheriff is Near
  5. Put the Candle Back
  6. Abby Someone

Here’s the band performing the tune “Abby Someone”, from the album:

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  1. This is amazing, I’m becoming a fan!

  2. FAN AT FIRST LISTEN… just wow…