Andy Saxton: A Fire Inside

Andy Saxton really brings it in his tune, “A Fire Inside.” The hard-hitting, bass-up-front song features the bassist going nuts with slapping and tapping to drive unrelenting metal rhythms.

The track comes from his new EP, Drum and Bass.

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  1. Yeah! great camerawork as well :-)

  2. very aptly titled track :) I could feel the fire inside too.

  3. another frustrated guitar player, I don’t hear any BASS at all,…

  4. Nice job, Andy! This is really impressive. I love it! I gotta find your EP… where can I get it? Interesting choice of effects.

  5. hari ini harus tuntassssssss.

  6. I don’t like the Bass’ sound…. but… this. is. sick!
    Transcripton pls!:D

  7. Really like the tune, a transcription would be nice :)

  8. When I can hear what he’s playing in the breaks, it’s awesome. Distortion is making the sound muddy for me. I would so love to hear this with just clean bass.

  9. love to hear this with bass only.

  10. that’s awesome, would love to be able to play my bass like this!