Tapping Technique and Composition: False Delay Tapping on “The Gnome and The Skeleton”

This lesson on “False Delay Tapping” is from my song “The Gnome and the Skeleton” from the album A Lesson in Impermanence, streaming on all major platforms.

“False Delay Tapping” is when you tap notes with the left hand and then mimic them with tapped staccato notes with the right. It sounded really cool making the notes in unison but then, every now and then, making them harmonize differently while keeping the rhythm the same. It’s very similar to “Drone tapping” but with a much shorter and more aggressive attack. I use this technique in this song because I wanted the section to jump dynamically to be more in the listener’s faces.

I’m very much in love with this technique. Please excuse the sloppiness here and there (I was very tired by this point in the filming process). But you get the idea!

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Video filming + Editing done by George Manchester with @Kettlebottom.

John Ferrara’s new album, A Lesson in Impermanence is streaming on Spotify and all major platforms. John is also available for private online lessons, via his website. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel.

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