Mattia La Maida: All Bass Arrangement of “Come Together”

Here’s bassist Mattia La Maida, performing a Brian Bromberg-inpsired solo bass version of the Beatles’ “Come Together”, which of course features Paul McCartney’s highly recognizable bass line.

And in case that’s not enough bassists mentioned, a photo of Jaco Pastorius also makes a cameo appearance.

And in case all of that is not distracting enough, Mattia has a pretty sweet collection of basses.

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  1. What bass is that? And what strings? That is very close to a double bass sound – it’s lovely!

  2. Some musical phrases remind me of “killing in th name” by Rage Against the Machine, for example at 3:58 minutes, but overall it is an excellent performance with some passages really worth mentioning, which indicate a good technique, such as fulminant change of pace in the second 0:49. my compliments.

    • Call me crazy, but I’m 99% sure he actually incorporated that line from Rage, it sound very similar and I don’t think I remember a part like that from Come Together. Hell, I could be very wrong, though.

      • Conor

        It was definitely Killing in the Name. He goes on a sort of solo break around then and he decides to incorporate it. It’s pretty fantastic

  3. wOw, weird upright bass sound… O.o’

  4. Anton

    Reminds me of Breaking Bad haha