Ibanez Introduces ATK Premium Basses

Ibanez has given its Premium treatment to their ATK model, resulting in the ATK800E and the ATK805E. Beyond being built at their Premium Factory to premium quality standards, the company’s bass designers spent a lot of time researching and developing the pickup configuration, which includes a CAP double humbucker in the bridge position and an Ibanez proprietary CAP Sonic Arch neck pickup.

Ibanez ATK800EWNF Premium Bass

For further tonal tweaking, the pickups are then matched with a specially made ATK-N3 3-band EQ. The controls include Volume, Balance, Bass, Mids, and Treble knobs as well as a pickup coil selector switch. The combination allows for pretty drastic versatility that Ibanez showcases with a series of samples on their website.

Ibanez ATK805EWNF Premium Bass

The ATK’s signature massive bridge is designed enhance sustain by optimizing the string vibration’s transfer to the ash body. The tuners are light weight Hipshot machine heads.

The Ibanez ATK Premium series basses are available now with street prices of $749.99 and $799.99 for the 4 and 5-string versions, respectively. For more info, check out the Ibanez website.

Ibanez ATK Premium Series Bass Specs:

  • Walnut Flat finish
  • 3 piece Maple ATK4 neck
  • Ash body
  • Medium frets
  • Maple fretboard
  • Black dot inlay
  • ATK bridge
  • CAP Sonic Arch neck pickup
  • CAP Double Humbucker bridge pickup
  • Gig bag included

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  1. They really should just tell me when these things are expected in stores so I can set cash aside…

  2. What Ibanez needs to do is bring back the 700 series with the 5 piece neck then and these electronics and pickups.

  3. Great basses at a great price.

  4. That 5 string is killer. I doubt they will, but I’d love one with black hardware. That chrome aircraft carrier bridge looks like a nightmare to keep clean.

  5. Shut up and take my money!

  6. And its not even winter Namm 2013 yet!

  7. I have the not so “Premium” ATK 300 and even that thing is amazing!

  8. dear god….i just bought an sr755…..i was wanting one of the atk700’s but nooo they had to discontinue them….and now they come out with this….i’m pissed lol.

  9. The 800ATK impresses no doubt. Does anyone know if the neck specs are considered L / S scale.
    A middy (if a 30.5″in.) or hybrid or? Also, very important the weight. How much does it weight?

  10. I like it….. but are they offering a rosewood board?

    • MonRominee

      They offer the rosewood board on the 200 series…not “premium” line per se, but I just got one, and the thing is a total keeper. Tone for days.

  11. I have a atk 750, the quilted maple one, I don’t see how this could be any better than that, It’s brilliant!