Radial Engineering Introduces PZ-DI Orchestral Acoustic Direct Box

Radial Engineering PZ-DI Orchestral Acoustic Direct BoxRadial Engineering has introduced the PZ-DI, a direct box designed to work with all types of acoustic and orchestral instruments on stage by having an adjustable input impedance. This allows to you to optimize the impedance to match your pickup or transducer, including active basses and basses with piezo pickups.

The impedance selector has three settings: 220k-ohm to warm up magnetic pickups, a 1 meg-ohm to replicate a classic DI box, and a 10 meg-ohm setting to eliminate squawk and peaks that are common to piezo transducers. The box also has a variable lo-cut filter, a hi-cut filter, and a -15dB pad, which they say helps smooth out instruments like active basses and digital keyboards.

The PZ-DI is built to function as a standard direct box with 1/4? input and thru connectors plus XLR out, and it runs on phantom power. It’s constructed with 14 gauge steel beams to reduce stress on the PC board and internal components.

The Radial PZ-DI is set to ship this month with an estimated retail price of $300. For more info, check out the Radial Engineering website.

Radial Engineering PZ-DI Orchestral Acoustic Direct Box panels

Radial Engineering PZ-DI Acoustic Direct Box Specs:

  • Audio circuit type: Proprietary analog circuit with low-noise FET op-amp
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Dynamic range: 105dB
  • Equivalent input noise: -98dBu
  • Maximum gain: +4.6dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.02% /td>
  • Input impedance: 10M/1M/220K-Ohms
  • Input impedance with PAD on: 50K-Ohms
  • Output impedance: 200 Ohms nominalt
  • Input pad: -15dB
  • Power: 48V phantom proprietary digital switching
  • Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis and outer shell, baked enamel finish
  • Size: 2.75? x 4.25? x 1.75? (70 x 108 x 45mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds (544 g)

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