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Alberto Rigoni Releases Third Solo Album, “Three Wise Monkeys”

Alberto Rigoni: Three Wise MonkeysAlberto Rigoni has released his third solo effort, entitled Three Wise Monkeys. Further refining the style presented in 2011’s Rebirth, the new album is made up of half instrumental and half vocal songs that revolve around the Japanese folk legend of the “Three Wise Monkeys,” which embodies the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Rigoni’s bass playing and compositional approach are best described as progressive, featuring equal parts jazz, rock, and ambient influences. Once again, the bassist called on a host of talented musicians to fill out the project. They include Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot), Jonas Erixon (Alicate), Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater, OSI, Chroma Key), Mark Cross (Outloud, ex Helloween, Firewind), Federico Solazzo (Alexia), Alessandro Bertoni (Aphelion), Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock), Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits), Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios), Paolo Valli (session drummer), Paco Barillà (Daniele Liverani), and Sebastian Persini (Solo artist, session drummer).

Three Wise Monkeys is available now on Bandcamp. The title track is also available for free download on SoundCloud and Rigoni’s website.

Preview and download Three Wise Monkeys:

Three Wise Monkeys Track List:

  1. Toshogu Shrine
  2. Mizaru (feat. Kevin Moore)
  3. Three Wise Monkeys (feat. Göran Edman)
  4. Kikazaru
  5. Blackened Tornado
  6. Iwazaru
  7. Free Falling (feat. Mark Cross)
  8. Between Space and Time
  9. Coming Home
  10. Believe

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