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Andres Rotmistrovsky: Solo Bass Arrangement of “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”

Andres Rotmistrovsky has a way with arranging songs for solo bass. Here’s his version of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend In Me.”

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    Have you seen any of Jaco’s arrangements of songs, predominantly voiced in chords, or perhaps MM’s “I’ll be there” cover? Bass playing has evolved. It evolved past arco classical, and past James Jamerson, past Jaco, and will surpass all of today’s wicked players. Why does bass playing have to remain confined to a specific period of decades containing certain playing elements, when centuries preceded that, and several decades have already elapsed with players doing these sorts of arrangements? I guess when a bass player ventures beyond his 12th fret it’s suddenly not a bass, and you could say, this isn’t bass playing to me, this is flute, or mandolin, or whatever. Watch someone kill a solo using a midi on their bass making it sound like an organ. Is he playing organ? No he’s a bass player exploring music. Just as when guitarists do a walking line we don’t lambast them for being bass players.

      James f Giles

      It is all based in need. When Toscanini was auditioning basses for the principal bass job with the NBC orchestra, the Kousevitsky or Botessini Concertos were all the rage among the young players. After listening to several of these candidates, the maestro stormed out of the hall shouting ” Will someone shoo these canaries and please find me a bass player!” He hired Zimmerman, who played a LOVELY Bach.
      Contemporary players may be called upon to play anything in any style, and a good working bassist will acquire the skills needed in the 21st century.