Simon Fitzpatrick: “No Woman, No Cry” Solo Bass Performance

Simon Fitzpatrick is a favorite around here, thanks in large part to his awesome solo bass arrangements (plus, he’s a super cool guy).

Here’s Simon performing Bob Marley’s classic “No Woman, No Cry” on a 6-string GB spitfire with Boomerang 3 looper pedal.


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  1. Man… this dude is just straight up good. Everything I’ve heard from him has been gold.

  2. Awesome wish I could play like that !!

  3. KILLER tone. The looping and parts are fantastic, but your tone is excellent! If I could get my bass to always sound like that, don’t know If I would ever stop playing…

  4. Brilliant all around…very nice! And yes, killer tone…..

  5. Now that was AWESOME. Just so nice and mellow yet very articulate… Loved it. Makes me want to get a 6 string… But I have enough of a hard time with a 5. Thanks for sharing such a great video.

  6. His version of Stairway to Heaven is the most impressive solo bass piece I’ve ever heard.

  7. thats great buy that guy a guitar

  8. ha ha just kidding he’s amazing