MonoNeon: Sonic the Hedgehog “Green Hill Zone” Theme

Video game music has always held a special place in my heart. Looking back I realize that a lot of the themes from the games of my youth had really sweet bass lines, and I think MonoNeon realized that, too.

Check out his play-along of the theme to the Green Hill Zone from the Sega Genesis classic Sonic the Hedgehog, and soak up a little nostalgia.

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  1. The part of this that really blows my mind is the fact he’s playing a right handed guitar left handed! I can’t wrap my head around that one…

  2. anyone ever listen to The Advantage? entire band devoted to video game music covers!

    • He’s got a great tone. There’s also a band called NESkimos I recommend checking out, they do a lot of Mega Man songs

  3. That is what I love about music – there is something for everyone…. Great job…