Reed James Custom Pickups Introduces Vintage Modern ALNEO Soap Bar Bass Pickup

Reed James Vintage Modern ALNEO Soap Bar Bass PickupsReed James Custom Pickups has added a new pickup to their RJ NEO line. The Vintage Modern ALNEO Soap Bar bass pickup combines neodymium and Alnico components into a single pickup with one of the coils mimicking a vintage Jazz bass pickup while the other is a neodymium powered coil. Four conductor lead wires allow for switching from full humbucker to either coil to parallel mode.

The pickups is completely shielded and encapsulated in epoxy to resist noise and mechanical feedback. It’s built in many standard soap bar shapes and accommodates 16, 17, 18, or 19 mm string spacing.

Each Reed James ALNEO Soap Bar pickup is built-to-order and comes in either ABS plastic covers or custom wood covers. Single pickups go for $135, with sets going for $250.

Reed James Custom ALNEO Soap Bar Pickup Specs:

  • Neodymium/Alnico hybrid design
  • CNC machined black abs plastic covers with matte finish
  • Custom shapes and exotic wood shells available
  • Shielded for noise free operation
  • Encapsulated in epoxy potting compound to eliminate mechanical feedback
  • Four lead conductors can be wired in series or parallel
  • Calibrated sets for balance

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  1. I love the neo’s.