Rob Smith: Solo Bass Arrangement of The Beatles’ “In My Life”

“In My Life” is one of the most touching Beatles songs, and Rob Smith brings that passion and soul to his solo bass arrangement.

Rob really nails the bridge with some awesome two-handed tapping.

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  1. YIKES! Awesome dude

  2. YIKES! Awesome dude

    • any chance you could show the music sheets?

    • dude he was killing that song he has the gift

    • Pete was group does Rob Smith play for I’d like to hear more

    • @Jesus – I could do a transcription. It might take me a little while but I’ll let you know when it’s done. It’s arranged for 5 string tuned EADGC.

    • Michael D Butler Sr – Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video! I’m currently playing in 4 different bands – An instrumental jazz/funk/fusion trio called Visible at Night featuring Dave Weiner from Steve Vai’s band, a Hard Rock band called The Endless March, a Progressive Rock band called The Minor Arcana and I also play with guitarist Rob Balducci. I’ll be recording with all four of those groups in 2013.

    • @Rob that would be very badass! ive always wanted to learn how to arrange and all that good stuff, any tips?

    • @[100000506241225:2048:Jesus Lopez Munoz] – I’m definitely going to put up some lesson videos on arranging for solo bass. A simple tip is to arrange the melody on the 2 highest strings and then add bass notes on the lower strings. You can fill in other chord tones on whatever strings you have available between the bass notes and the melody notes. I’ll get more into the details in my lesson vids. Thanks again!

    • @Rob no no man thank you so very very much man :D

  3. Nice! What kind of axe is that?

  4. killer harspicord solo! even the trills!

  5. I would love a transcription as well. I have started working on it on my 6 string.


  7. Simply amazing and soulful…….it moved me and gave me chills……beautifully done Rob!

  8. Brilliant! Timings is spot on. Love the cheesy grin at the end too :)

  9. Pure beauty. Please make a transcription!

  10. Awesome Rob – you are the man… Can I mention you wrote a book on tapping?

  11. Wow. That was truely great.

  12. My absolute favorite song perfectly covered.

  13. I am now officially a worthless human being O.o.

  14. Rob, beautiful arangement for one of the best from The Beatles! You bet, man! Cheers from São Paulo, Brazil.

  15. Apparently I have awful timing – I just finally recorded and posted my bass arrangement of In My Life that has been my showpiece for years, only to find yours! Your tapping technique is incredible – great job! Mine is a bit more jacoesque, favoring harmonics and double-stops.

    Check it out if you’d like here:

  16. Superb interpretation and talent…plus you happened to select one of the classics songs of all time..thank you.

  17. That was awesome! Amazing tapping, great feel and a tone that complimented it perfectly! I’m very jealous!

  18. Really amazing, Rob! Would love to hear more of your interpretations of some other classics as well, and looking forward to your new releases in 2013.

  19. incredibile tecnica ed un feeling con lo strumento e la musica unici… veramente bravo, Rob…

  20. One of the best songs ever and WOW, what a wonderful and heartfelt performance! Flawless and beautiful! Congrats and kudos Rob!

  21. Bill Hubbard

    Rob – beyond excellent!

  22. Victor Malásquez Porth

    Nice guitar player

  23. Awesome! Specially the keyboard solo! Cheers man!

  24. Excellent dude. Really excellent. You killed that harpsichord solo.

  25. Ayondyuti Bora

    Too Good Man…

  26. Beautiful…..I got chills : )

  27. Grant

    That was absolute perfection