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Doug Johns Releases “Blomp!”

Doug Johns: Blomp!Described as the “in-your-face bassist”, Doug Johns lives up to the name with his energetic and super funky approach to bass.

Johns has just released his newest solo effort, Blomp!, complete with ten “greasy” tracks and Johns’ brand of funky music. Blomp! is his fourth solo effort and the follow up to the 2010 release, Stank.

Johns reunited with Kenny Anderson on horns, Oz Noy on guitar and Otmaro Ruiz on keys for the album, and added newcomer drummer JSimms to the mix. The combo of the band and the music has Johns pretty pumped.

“I’ve loved producing all four of my CDs,” says bassist Johns, “but I can honestly say that BLOMP! was the most fun to create. I’m grateful that I’ve evolved to this new place as an artist where it’s okay to write music that makes me laugh, cry, or even talk gibberish. This CD is more of ‘me’ than anything I’ve ever put out there.”

The album is available through

Here’s an album preview, featuring the complete track “You Gotta Get Up Early”:

Blomp! Track List:

  1. Speak in Tongues
  2. Eye of the Bison
  3. Ya Gotta Get Up Early
  4. Earth and Sky
  5. Godzilla
  6. Kolob Flies
  7. Isodope
  8. For Andy
  9. Blomp
  10. Cartoon Brain

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