Chuck Rainey Loses Home to Fire

Chuck RaineyChuck Rainey has been dealt another tragedy just 12 months after suffering a stroke, as the 72-year old bassist and family have lost their home to a fire on November 15th. Luckily, the Rainey family is unharmed, but the local fired department described the amount of loss as “quite a lot.”

The family has set up a Facebook page to keep everyone in the loop and coordinate relief. They are also asking for financial help, and fans who want to donate can donate to an account set up at Chase Bank. The account number is 437960508. The account name is “RAINEY FAMILY”, and all checks must be payable to “RAINEY FAMILY”. The Rainey Family Checks can be mailed to any Chase location. Just make sure it’s made out to “Rainey Family” and the account number is on the back.

Our thoughts are with Chuck and his family during this hard time.

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  1. It’s pretty sad how bad stuff keeps on happening to him :(

  2. There’s no telling how much history was lost in that fire. My prayers to the Rainey Family.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. Strength to the Rainey family…xo.