Spyro Gyra with Scott Ambush: “Deep End” Live

Scott Ambush wows on this Spyro Gyra performance of “Deep End,” taken from the 2003 North Sea Jazz Festival.

His whole solo is killer, but the note at 3:53 really just makes it for me.

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  1. I like the note at 3:54 ;).

  2. Y’know what I like about this (besides Ambush’s incredible musicianship)? That the rest of the band doesn’t totally drop out or down like bands usually do during a bass solo. They continue playing like they would for a guitar or keys solo. Sounds much more integrated and less like a bass player hanging out in the wind blowing licks. Outstanding.

  3. He is AMAZING as is the group! So worth going to see live.

  4. should been #1 not #8 :-)

  5. Have been a fan of Scott Ambush since his early days tearing up DC Jazz Clubs Takoma Tavern comes to mind! What a great bassist and all around great guy he’s become…Thanks for ride Scott!

  6. I want one of his basses… But WOW are they expensive

  7. Completely agree. Instead of hey, this is the bass playing, he’s gonna do his thing for a while, its more like, we are gonna hold it down for him and let him jam. I HATE a bass solo when everything drops out. I feel it happens a lot because bands are used to having the bass player hold it down and they don’t know how to do that themselves. Either because they don’t know how or they can’t be bothered.

    • Gene Purefunk Fowler

      I agree, that’s because they are all Master Musicians.