Spyro Gyra: Not Unlike That

Mike Matthews sent us a video simply (and correctly) entitled “Scott Ambush Amazing Bass Solo.” After a little digging, we found the full video, which is taken from a Spyro Gyra performance at Jazz In Marciac back in 2014.

Ambush kicks off “Not Unlike That” with a slap groove that brings in the full band. After driving the jam from the bottom end, he takes the lead again with a solo at the 3:10 mark. He plays with different rhythms and feels before bringing the band back in.

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  1. Mikey M.

    Thanks for a little bit of digging Kevin. The Video I sent in doesn’t provide even half of the journey that this one does… Thank You for sharing!

  2. David Desmond

    Thanks for the video of great bassist Scott Ambush! I always go see Spyro Gyra when in town and they are amazing