MonoNeon Releases “Southern Visionary”

MonoNeon: Southern VisionaryForward-thinking bassist MonoNeon is kicking off 2013 with a new album called Southern Visionary, available on BandCamp. The effort blends the composer’s unique interests of southern soul and microtonal music to create a completely unique sound.

“On this album I’m presenting my minimalistic idea of ‘microtonal-southern soul’ with compositions, ‘Micro-Johnnay Taylor’ and ‘Micro-Staple Sangus’,” MonoNeon writes. “The title track, ‘Southern Visionary’ is a bass solo, inspired by Johnnie Taylor’s vocal style. I also pay homage to Elliott Carter, with the track ‘Elleeot Carter,’ inspired by his cello concerto.”

Southern Visionary also features microtonal musicians Jake Sherman, Michael Vick, Melle Weijters, and Zach Curley.

Preview Southern Visionary:

Southern Visionary by MonoNeon

Southern Visionary Track Listing:

  1. MicroOrangeMound
  2. Southern Visionary
  3. Eddie Kang (with AM radio noise)
  4. Micro-Neon Em’
  5. Micro-School Walk
  6. Micro-JohnnayTaylor
  7. Micro-StapleSangus
  8. Micro-Dilettante
  9. Elleeot Carter
  10. Micro-Memphis
  11. MicroJamesCarr
  12. Hannah Hoch Visits Orange Mound (feat. Jake Sherman)
  13. The Noise Story (feat. noise by Memphis school kids)
  14. Nude Descending A Front Porch (feat. Melle Weijters)
  15. Neon Dirge
  16. Nude Descending A Back Porch (feat. Jake Sherman)
  17. Rene Ma-Sugar-Grittes (feat. Michael Vick)
  18. The Noise Story (feat. Grandma Liz)
  19. Der Neon Reiter (feat. Zach Curley)
  20. The Noise Story (feat. Lil’ Curtis, Chris, Kirby & Junior)

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