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Mike Flynn: “Oysters” Fretless Meshell Ndegeocello Remix, with Victor Wooten

Bassist Mike Flynn sent us this unique video showcasing the bassist’s terrific fretless playing – and typical creativity in video and music production.

We’ll let Mike set it up: “I took a chorus from a beautiful Meshell [Ndegeocello] tune called ‘Oysters’ from her album Weather and made a remix of it in Ableton Live. I also added a quote from an interview I did with Victor Wooten. It’s a classic Vic quote that I used to bounce off the Meshell track – and I added some of my own fretless bass, all of which was played / recorded / filmed in a single take. It came out pretty well and I sent Meshell a link on Twitter and she replied – “thank you – it’s beautiful” – which is good enough for me.”

Beyond good enough for us. See if you agree.

Mike has the track available on his Bandcamp page.

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